Saturday, September 5, 2009

the sun too shines in Calgary

It's a strange place..., this city of Calgary. But the same sun that shines on the fields of Canola bordering the city and the concrete city core within also shines on the lush green trees of Mapalo and the metal roofs of the families of Twapia. The same wind that shakes the Baobabs and mango trees of Zambia also rustles the maple leafs of Canada. Life lives in Zambia and Canada. Humanity - we're all connected world over by the most honest, simple, and beautiful things - the sun, the wind, the ever blue sky and the clouds that dot it. So why isn't something as simple as opportunity just as universal? Why will the child born in Calgary have far greater opportunity than the one born in Ndola?

The sun too shines in Calgary, just as it does in Twapia. The sun shines worldwide - why too doesn’t opportunity?

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