Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Full House

It feels as though it is four and half minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Last minute conflicts, regrets over the year's happenings, bouts of laughter, reflections on circumstances, and hurried last minute preparations to welcome the New Year accompany the last breaths and struggled mutterings of the old one.

However it is not 23:55:30 on some December 31st in some year Anno Domine, it is August nineteenth 2009. The stage has emptied, no encore no continuation. The house lights are on and the room is emptying in a surreal manner. Acquaintances become memories as they furtively rush out of their seats, into the aisle, and out of the theatre. A placement has ended and conscious thoughts drift from the present reality in Southern Africa to another world far removed from present circumstances. A world of maple leafs and electric powered public transit trains. A world of five dollar cups of coffee and drive by apathy.

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