Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WASH Forum!

More remarks about Mapalo forthcoming; but I wanted to put a quick note on something else up today.

This morning I participated in the WASH Forum. The WASH Forum is a monthly meeting of WatSan sector players where work plans, promising practices, and sector developments are shared! NGOs are able to collaborate on projects that will develop strong sector wide learning while at the same time not spreading resources too thin.

How effective is this forum? Do the projects its members plan come to fruition and help set a course for WatSan development? Does it facilitate an open environment of sharing and learning? Does it allow members to share their work and avoid people doubling up on one another?

I'm very interested in continuing to attend and participate in these forums while I am here in Zambia. One discussion I got involved in was about rural and peri-urban water supply. I threw in the Mapalo perspective as best as I could. Later SHIP encouraged me to share my project with the forum - I am hoping to receive some feedback and maybe some ideas! (in the case of similar work being done elsewhere, or if similar projects have been completed I would love to learn from the current progress or outcomes.

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